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Walk into any pharmacy or do a quick search online and you will find a wide range of products available to help you and your partner enjoy an enhanced love life. However, search a little deeper and you will find that many of the products contain dangerous chemicals and environmental hazards. That's why we're here. We understand that as an informed and educated consumer you don't want to lower your standards when it comes to intimate products. We offer a complete range of products for every need, all 100% natural and ethically produced. Read on to learn the benefits of each of these products, and scroll down to the bottom of page to start shopping!



Yes: An All-Natural, Organic Lubricant

Yes Organic Lubricants For Vaginal DrynessForget about the silicone based generic lubricants of the past.  Yes® water based lubricants are the progressive choice for those wanting to 'go green' in all areas of their lives.

Yes®  Organic Lubricants are the perfect bedside companion to those looking for a chemical-free alternative to relieve vaginal dryness and increase sexual pleasure Yes® lubricants are available in both indulgent oil-based and water based formulas to suit a wide range of users.

The Yes®  range of water-based lubricants will not damage latex diaphragms, condoms or cervical caps.



Cutting Edge Green Intimacy Products

Yes Organic Lubricants For Intimate PleasureYes ®  products are cutting edge, both environmentally and and scientifically.

They are based on complex science and provide essential lubrication but do not veer from the mission of using only organic and natural ingredients.

Yes ®  products can be used both for pleasure enhancement and basic yet essential moisturizing to manage vaginal dryness as a result of hormonal change, medical conditions or because of medical treatments.

Yes products packaging is appealing and discreet and has in fact won awards to that effect too. In addition it's probably the most 'female friendly' packaging for a lubricant which you can find and is of course made using recycled materials.

Yes® ingredients are certified organic by the Soil Association and also in the case of the water based lubes, the Vegan Society too.

The oil based lube is not certified as vegan as it uses bees wax. The bees are of course well looked after but being an animal by-product the inclusion of the wax excludes the oil based product from carrying the vegan logo.



Menopause Causes Vaginal Dryness. Yes Lubricants & PreMeno Can Help

PreMeno Duo Ovules For Vaginal DrynessMany women at some time in their life are affected by vaginal dryness. So many things can bring this about including stress, lactation and pelvic radiography but the most prevalent causes is menopause.

Menopause can cause dryness, making for an uncomfortable experience during sex, in which case a lubricant at the time of intimacy is necessary. Other women though feel the uncomfortable sensation of vaginal dryness throughout the day, and would benefit from using a lubricant regularly to moisturize the area.

For those suffering from chronic dryness, Premeno Duo vaginal ovules are a great solution, only needing to be inserted about once every three days to provide moisturizing relief. The ovules are inserted into the vagina to rehydrate quickly and simply.

As a perfect accompaniment to PreMeno, our Yes lubricants offer relief from uncomfortable dryness without compromising you health or the environment. They can be used as often as necessary without worrying about skin irritation.

In addition, the absence of cancer-linked parabens found in most other lubricants means they are the only safe lubricants for women recovering from hormone related cancer.

Both Yes water based and Yes oil based lubricants can be used to assist insertion with no adverse reaction.



Yes® Lubricants Together With ContraGel Contraceptive Gel

Yes Organic Lubricants For Vaginal DrynessOnce you make the switch to a green lube, you will undoubtedly want to get rid of your chemical based Nonoxonol- 9 spermicide.

Many barrier contraceptives do require some sort of spermicide or contraceptive gel. ContraGel Green, the natural alternative to spermicide is your answer.

And as an added bonus, acidic pH of Yes water-based lubricants actually very close to that of ContraGel, making Yes® lubricants and ContraGel an ideal contraceptive team.

Go all natural in your contraceptive methods and take advantage of using two amazing natural products together!



Pjur Intimate Hygiene Products

Pjur Cleen Products For Intimate HygieneWe are proud to feature Pjur's CLEAN Fleece Wipes and Pjur's CLEAN Spray.  These items work hand and hand to leave you feeling fresh before and after your most intimate moments.

As well as keeping your sensitive areas feeling fresh, Pjur wipes and spray are great to use with diaphragms, cervical caps and toys, both before and after use. Pjur wipes are colorless, odorless and made with high-grade ingredients. They are non-abrasive on alcohol-sensitive materials such as latex, rubber and silicone.

Pjur spray is also colourless, orderless and dermatological tested confirmed and is ideal for rapid, gentle cleansing of both the genital area and sensitive mucous membranes.

Pjur CLEAN Spray is the only alcohol-free cleaning product on the market today that provides protection against bacteria, fungus, and even lipophilic viruses. Its completely alcohol-free formula makes it the ideal cleansing product for intimate areas, diaphragms, cervical caps and intimate toys.

The spray comes in an environmentally friendly gas free pump bottle which hold 100ml meaning it is just within the limit to be carried within hand luggage on a flight.



Prolong Your Pleasure With Pjur PRO-LONG Spray

pjur prolong delay spray

Focusing on intimate health, Pjur also produce a pleasure range of products as well as the hygienic Clean range.

Pjur Prolong is an enhancement product specifically designed to prolong man's pleasure.

More commonly known on the wider market as a 'delay spray', this type of product is not just restricted to men who suffer premature ejaculation, but in fact is a positive addition to a couples lovemaking toolbox, with a man able to give greater pleasure for even longer to his partner.

In this sense, it is our view that the use of such a spray shouldn't carry any stigma of highlighting a dysfunction, rather that the couple is aiming for a more fulfilling experience, regardless of what 'normal' performance might be.

The active ingredient, tannic acid derived from oak bark, has a contracting effect. This, in combination with panthenol, gives the spray a desensitizing effect to combat the problem of premature ejaculation and prolong the sexual experience.

The ProLong spray comes in a discreet 20ml gas propellant free pump bottle which as well as being kinder to the environment is perfectly fine to be carried within hand luggage on a flight.



FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup: A Green Alternative To Pads Or Tampons

Femmycycle menstrual care

Menstrual cups have been around for years, but because of poorly designed products and a general shift towards any and all things disposable, the average women never even considers anything besides pads or tampons for their monthly sanitary needs. FemmyCycle changes that rhetoric. Ingeniously designed with the modern, on-the-go women in mind, FemmyCycle is spearheading a revolution in menstrual care.

By choosing to use a menstrual cup, you are doing yourself and the environment a favor. The average women uses over 10,000 pads or tampons in her life time. That equals a lot of money down the drain, and plastic into landfills. By switching to a FemmyCycle, you can save money, and the environment!

The FemmyCycle is one size fits all product. The soft, flexible silicone is folded to insert, then opens to conform to your unique shape to create the best fit possible. you wash it, reinsert it, and then put it away until the next month. How's that for Going Green!



Building Vaginal Strength With Vaginal Dilators

Vaginal DilatorsThe subject of any vaginal deficiency or problem is often one that causes embarrassment and as a result, prolongs the sufferer from seeking treatment.  Women who suffer from narrowing and scarring of their vaginas can often experience discomfort during sex, which can be both emotionally and physically difficult.

Treatment to correct vaginal tightness, discomfort and overall restoration of the vagina usually includes the use of vaginal dilators. These smooth, cylinder shaped devices made from silicone help stretch the vaginal muscles in order to make the vagina more pliable.

Vaginal dilators should be used with a lubricant when inserted. Yes lubricants are the perfect solution for this since they have regenerative properties thanks to the Aloe Vera which they have and being natural means they are not likely to conflict with other medications, creams or gels that might be used related to the condition being treated.

Recovery from chemotherapy in the pelvic region (such as treating cervical cancer) is a big cause for women to turn to dilators. Women with estrogen receptor positive cancer cannot use products containing parabens. Yes® water-based is the only paraben free lubricant in the world. Therefore, Yes water-based lubricants are the only safe and effective solution to cancer treatment-induced vaginal dryness and the only option for using with vaginal dilators.

Women who suffer from the following conditions often find themselves being treated using vaginal dilators: Lichen Sclerosis, Vagina Agenesis, Vaginismus, Post Pelvic Radiotherapy, Maintaining Vaginal Integrity After Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Whatever condition is behind the need for dilators the chances are that as part of the cause or treatment there will be skin tissue damage along the way so make sure that PreMeno is looked at to see if it can help, in addition to Yes lubricants used as moisturizers.



Natracare Intimate Wipes

Naturacare Vegan WipesNatracare is a Great British company which produces great vegan products.

These intimate wipes are made from organically grown cotton which is chlorine free, alcohol free and paraben free, respecting your intimacy with this product.

In addition to the obvious menstruation related uses, these are great for barrier contraceptive users on the bedside table, a packet of wipes is very handy for the 'cleaning up operation' after the use and safe removal of your chosen barrier contraceptive.

With intimate parts being given a quick wipe clean, best to keep things safe, natural and friendly with both your body and the environment too!

In a discreet pack of 12 wipes they are no where as bulky as packs of baby wipes and slip easily into a handbag for use at any time.

Being bio degradable and also toilet flushable (read the instructions, only one or two at a time or a plumber will be needed!) these wipes are a realistic step in the right direction for those wanting to reduce their impact on the environment.



Coming soon.....Menstrual sponges!



Ready For Some Natural Intimacy? Check Out Our Carefully Selected Products Below

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  1. Yes Water-Based and Oil Based, Organic Lubricants for Pleasure and Fertility

    Yes Water-Based and Oil Based, Organic Lubricants for Pleasure and Fertility

    Yes lubricants are natural and certified organic by the Soil Association UK.
    Formulated for maximum lubricity and long lasting glide with a rich satin texture,Yes lubricants are hypoallergenic, beneficial for skin, so no need to wash off and are non-staining


    • Yes Water-based contains aloa vera and acts as a moisturiser and is compatible with ContraGel
    • Yes Oil-based gives a firmer glide, ideal for toy usage and body massage
    • Yes Baby is a sperm friendly lubricant which doesn't kill sperm as quickly as regular lubricants


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    Price (Inc. VAT): £4.99

  2. Buy The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

    Femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup With A Non-Spill Design

    The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to your feminine hygiene needs. It's unique 'no-spill' design makes insertion and removal totally secure, so you feel fresh and protected all day long.


    • Cleaner And More Hygienic Than Tampons or Sanitary Pads
    • Unique 'No-Spill' Design
    • Three Sizes To Suit Every Need
    • Minimal Ridges And Holes For Easier Cleaning
    • Made From Medical Grade Silicone
    • Vegan - No Animal By-Products
    • Designed By Top Gynecologists


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  3. PreMeno Duo - Moisturising Vaginal Ovules for the Menopause, Extreme Dryness and Fungal Infection

    PreMeno Duo - Moisturising Vaginal Ovules for the Menopause, Extreme Dryness and Fungal Infection

    A simple, clean solution to vaginal dryness and fungal infections. ProMeno is the new way to achieve vaginal rehydration, without the mess!


    • Contains no hormones
    • Adheres perfectly to the vaginal wall
    • Restores moisture levels in the vagina
    • Absorbs fluid up to 1000 times its own weight
    • Has excellent lubricating (sliding) properties
    • Helps wounds to heal
    • Has a long-lasting action and needs to be used only once every 3 days
    • Has the appropriate pH (degree of acidity)
    • Inhibits the growth of Candida
    • Is a handy ovule, so no messing around with gels and applicators


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  4. Quality Vaginal Dilator Set - Dilators Made From Medical Grade 'Warm' Silicone

    Quality Vaginal Dilator Set - Incremental Sizes Made From 'Warm' Medical Grade Silicone

    Dilators can help restore the vagina after difficulties caused by the effects of radiotherapy, surgery, or to combat conditions which can affect the structure or cause muscle spasms of the vagina. These dilators have exactly the right balance between rigidness and flexibility


    Common conditions treatable using dilators include:

    • Lichen Sclerosis
    • Vagina Agenesis
    • Vaginismus
    • Post Pelvic Radiotherapy
    • Maintaining Vaginal Integrity After Gender Reassignment Surgery


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  5. Caribbean Silk Sponges - 2 Natural Sponges - Smooth and Delicate

    Intimate Sponges - Natural Sea Sponges With Unlimited Uses

    These Intimate Sponges are harvested with utmost respect for marine biology from the coast of the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. They are naturally extremely absorbent and durable, in addition to being chemical free, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. Natural sea sponges have limitless uses, and are sure to become a staple in your life.

    *From time to time our sponges are available without our signature Natural Intimacy packaging. These are the same exact product that we normally supply, simply without the box, so you can save money, and the environment.

    • Natural Sea Sponge
    • Super Absorbent
    • Ethically Harvested
    • Supports Marine Eco-System
    • Unlimited Uses
    • Bleached and Unbleached Versions Available


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    Price (Inc. VAT): £13.95

  6. Pjur Pro-Long Desensitising Spray - 20ml Pump Spray

    Pjur Pro-Long Desensitising Spray - 20ml Pump Spray

    Pjur med PRO-LONG spray is a 'delay spray', to combat hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation. Dermatologist tested, safe for daily use, latex condom safe and lidocaine & benzocaine- free.


    • Delay spray with natural and nature-identical ingredients.
    • Reduces hypersensitivity.
    • Natural ingredients with a soothing effect.
    • Free from greenhouse gases.
    • Latex condom tested and certified.


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  7. Pjur-Med CLEAN-Fleece Anti-Bacterial Intimate Wipes (Pack of 25)

    Pjur-Med CLEAN-Fleece Anti-Bacterial Intimate Wipes (Pack of 25)

    CLEAN-Fleece, 25 hygienic intimate wipes. Sterile, fresh, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial these resealable packs are highly recommended for the bedside table of diaphragm and cervical cap users. Alcohol free and perfume free.


    • Colourless and scentless
    • Odourless
    • Dermatologically confirmed
    • Anti Fungal, Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial
    • High-grade ingredients according to highest degree of purity


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  8. Pjur CLEAN Spray - Alcohol Free and Dermatologically Confirmed - 100ml Pump Spray

    Pjur CLEAN Spray - Alcohol Free and Dermatologically Confirmed - 100ml Pump Spray

    Pjur CLEAN Spray is the only alcohol-free cleaning product on the market today that provides protection against bacteria, fungus, and even lipophilic viruses. Its completely alcohol-free formulation makes it the ideal cleansing product for intimate areas, diaphragms, cervical caps and intimate toys.


    • Colourless and scentless
    • Odourless
    • Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial and Anti Viral
    • Dermatologically confirmed
    • High-grade ingredients according to highest degree of purity


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