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Does your wash routine cleanse, renew and nourish your skin? Or are you unknowingly jeopardizing your health with harsh chemicals and additives from something as seemly harmless as your sponge? Are you caring for the planet while caring for your body? Or is your sponge just another disposable product that will end up in a landfill?

While much is said about natural soap and body washes, a natural bathing sponge is essential to a holistic, luxurious cleansing routine. Typical synthetic sponges are harmful to the environment and bad for your body. Petroleum-based ingredients, bleached cellulose, and hormone-altering chemicals leach into your skin during every warm sudsy shower or bath. They retain dirty water, creating a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Because sponges are not biodegradable, the average sponge continues to clog our landfills and pollute our planet for centuries. But nature gifted us with the perfect bath sponge. Natural, biodegradable, and wonderfully luxurious. 


Honeycomb sea sponges are the absolute best sponges for a luxurious bath or shower. They are found in the cool waters of the Mediterranean sea. These unique sponges are hearty and dense, created by a complex structure of thousands of channels and pores. The sponge's cellular makeup is what makes it such an effective bathing tool. It produces a rich lather with just the tiniest bit of soap or body wash, and the fibers themselves draw buildup and dirt away from the skin. It exfoliates as it cleanses, removing dead skin cells and encouraging the growth of new ones. The result? Smooth, glowing skin free of toxins and impurities.  


Grass sponges come from the Caribbean and have very similar properties to their Honeycomb cousins but are a bit lighter, not quite as dense and as such maybe don't quite last as many months as the Honeycombs. Still a highly recommendable sponge, we offer the Grass sponges as a more economical option to our customers.


Our team takes the time to select, inspect, and test each and every sponge before we decide if it is luxurious enough to pass as a premium BodyCare sponge.

BodyCare Sea Sponge - 1x Natural, Luxurious, Unbleached Bath Sponge

From $24.85

Transform your routine into a holistic, luxurious cleansing experience.

Natural, unbleached, chemical free sea sponge, lasts for over 6 months. 

Unique sponge cell structure pulls dirt from skin while gently exfoliating.

11.5 - 12.5cm size is perfect for a single handed squeeze.

Hypoallergenic. Ethically harvested. Biodegradable.

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