The Natural Intimacy Brand

You want more natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly products in your life. We make it happen.

Natural Intimacy is more than a brand. It's a feeling. It's a way of life.

All products that proudly carry our logo are designed to exceed expectations.

  • IntimateCare
  • FacialCare
  • HairCare
  • BodyCare
  • BabyCare

Our Values

Natural Intimacy Eco Products

Add the word "natural" to a product and without doubt, more people will buy it. Add the word "natural" to a company name more people will trust them.

We go beyond. Natural is part of our manifesto. It's a vision for the future rooted in practical solutions for today. From top to bottom, our production line is created with the environment in mind; from product packaging to shipping containers, from the manufactures we collaborate with to the paper we use in our office. 

Collaborate With Us?

We are always looking for new ideas to enhance our range of high-quality personal care products.

If you are the manufacturer of eco-aware personal care products that could genuinely enhance the wellbeing of our clients —there's a chance we could collaborate.

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