Welcome to the World of Natural Intimacy

Everything natural is taking our wold by storm, and for good reason. Our lifestyle choices directly affect our health, well-being, and the universe as a whole, and reconnecting with the world as nature intended it is critical to keeping our planet healthy and functioning. Walk into any pharmacy though, and you will see shelf after shelf lined with intimacy products full of harmful ingredients. Flip through a magazine or turn on the TV, and you'll quickly come across countless adds for hormonal birth control.



We at the Ethical Family Planning Association are here to change that dialogue. Gone are the days where women feel forced into one contraceptive option because of lack of information on reliable alternatives. Gone are the days where you are limited to the products that your local pharmacy stocks. By consumer demand, we offer a full range of natural intimacy products, as well as fertility and contraceptive monitors. Make an informed decision, and start transforming your love life today.

Why Go Natural?

organic lubricants

Staying natural in the bedroom often overlooked, but it is just as important as staying natural in the kitchen. The same way you take an interest in stocking your kitchen with natural or organic produce for health and environmental reason, many women have stopped using hormonal contraception that have serious potential health and environmental risks,  and switched over to natural methods of birth control.


Natural Intimacy is here to bring you the latest in natural birth control and chemical free intimate products. Find us on twitter and tell us what inspired you to go natural!


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Making Your Intimate Moments 'Green'

all natural intimacy products

Sexual Health and Intimate products are used in your most sensitive areas, but unfortunately, many products lining the pharmacy shelves are loaded with harsh and environmentally hazardous chemicals.


There are a number of ways to go natural in the bedroom. Learn about the benefits of organic Yes Lubricants, Contragel spermicide alternatives, French Letter vegan condoms and more. Each change you make will help reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your love life 100% chemical free.


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Natural Contraception

choosing the right natural birth control

It doesn't get more unnatural then bombarding you body with synthetic hormones, but it's common for women to think that is her only reliable contraceptive option.  The truth is, there is a whole world of natural birth control just waiting to be explored.


Totally natural without any other barrier, or simply hormone-free, there is no single form of birth control that is ideal for all women of all ages. From vegan condoms, to all new FemCap cervical cap, to the liberationg Fertlity Awarness Method, the non-homonal birth control world is experincing a revival!


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ContraGel: A Natural Spermicide Alternative

ContraGel natural spermicide

ContraGel is the all-natural, vegan, safe and effective spermicide that is taking the barrier contraceptive world by storm. It is a gel-like substance that forms a the correct tight seal around the contraceptive device giving that critical boost of reliability.


By only using100% natural ingredients, ContraGel Green reduces the risk and occurrence of many adverse reactions which are synonymous with chemically packed spermicides, in particular those containing Nonoxynol-9.


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Fertility Awareness With Cyclotest Contraceptive Monitor

cyclotest fertility monitor

Cyclotest contraceptive monitors are the premier contraceptive monitors on the market today. Deceptively small and convenient for such a versatile device, this powerhouse package is your key to successful natural family planning.


It is built with the busy women in mind, with small details like an alarm, a built in thermometer, and an intuitive, clear display that marks your fertility window. But hands down, the best part about Cyclotest is its incredible 99% reliability.


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Get Pregnant Drug Free With Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor

get pregnant natural with cyclotest baby

With everything you might possibly need to get a clear picture of your fertility window and cycle pattern so you can get pregnant drug-free.Tthe Cyclotest Baby's extraordinary capability and low cost makes it our top fertility monitor.


This monitor features intuitive display screens, a built in thermometer, and USB connectivity to allow you to download your fertility charts should they be needed by your doctor. And after the device has served it conception purposes, it can be used as part of your hormone free, all natural birth control plan. All this in one device!


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