Welcome to the World of Natural Intimacy

Natural Intimacy is an RDO Medical brand that bridges the gap between innovative products and the end consumer. Natural Intimacy branding is a vehicle to boost demand, desirability and sales of these sexual health products. It includes a range of beautifully packaged sexual health products that will look great on the shelf of any health store, pharmacy, or alternative therapy clinic.

Natural Intimacy is a dual-language brand, opening up a world of possibilities to both the retailer and the end consumer. All of our products are seamlessly presented with bilingual packaging and instructions.

Natural intimacy branded products can be purchased by the end consumer at Natural-Intimacy.com. Wholesalers and resellers can request a trade account through RDOmedical.com or RDO-Medical.eu.

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Hormone-Free Contraception


FemCap Cervical Cap

Frustrated by toxic and chemical laden birth control causing crippling side effect and long term health risks? The FemCap is the birth control solution you've been searching for.


Unlike a condom, FemCap does not interrupt the intimacy of skin to skin contact. Sizing is simply based off of obstetrical history, so you can order your FemCap today, without being fitted by a doctor.


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Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup


Protect your health and the environment by replacing unnaturally absorbent pads and tampons with a FemmyCycle menstrual cup.


FemmyCycle is a new generation of menstrual cup, with a patented 'no-spill' design, and unparalleled performance. FemmyCycle comes in three tailored sizes, including a specialty Low-Cervix version.


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Natural Sea Sponge

Intimate Sponges

Buy Intimate Sponges Natural Sea Sponge

Looking to minimize your carbon footprint? Say goodbye to chemical laden disposable products and hello to eco-friendly natural sea sponge.


Naturally highly durable and absorbent, you can use them over and over again before chucking in the compost bin.


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