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Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Esponjas-intimas naturales en bolsas de Hemp
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Moisten with water before use for Intimate Sponges to become soft and silky.
    • Each sponge carefully hand selected for size & premium quality
    • Harvesting processes supports marine ecosystem; Biodegradable
    • Reusable, cost saving and eco-friendly alternative
    • Beautifully packaged in reusable packaging - Makes ideal gift

    Natural Intimacy Sea Sponges are a silky soft premium product unlike any other. A jewel of nature that was identified in ancient times for its astonishing absorbency, sea sponges have resurfaced as a natural skincare product for even the most delicate skin, as a reusable alternative to synthetic feminine products and to be used for play and cleansing during baby bath time.  

    Each sponge is carefully hand selected for optimum absorbency, density, size and quality from the Mediterranean sea. The harvesting process does not harm the environment and every sponge can be used for many months before being composted at the end of its cycle. Natural Intimacy sponges are 100% natural and contain no synthetic fibers, pesticides or chlorine. Our Intimate Sponges the softest kind, Mediterranean Silk, so they are super comfortable, cannot be felt internally and are easy to remove. Just wet, twist and insert!

    Intimate sea sponges get their astonishing absorbency from millions of naturally occurring pores and canals. Sponges are durable, naturally mold and fungus resistant, and can be reused for months. Packaged either in a tough, natural hemp drawstring bag (100% plastic free packaging!) or in a round cardboard tube with a sturdy blue cotton bag that camouflages stains. Choose your ideal sponge set!

    Sizing varies as these soft sponges are a natural product, but generally fall under these two size ranges:
    Large Natural Intimacy sponges: 6.5cm - 8 cm (2.5inches - 3inches)
    Medium Natural Intimacy sponges: 5cm-7cm (2inches - 2.7inches)
    Natural Intimacy BodyCare sponge (Bath sponge): 12cm-14cm (about 5 inches) 


  2. Glyde Condones Veganos - Paquete de 10 Condones
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Certified vegan, Fair Trade and non-GMO
    • Exceeds global requirements for strength
    • Paraben-free, talc-free, spermicide-free, casein-free
    • Flavourings made from organic extracts
    • Four sizes ensure perfect fit

    GLYDE vegan condoms are strong, reliable, super smooth, and constructed with a high-tech 'double dipping' technology. Even better, they are ethically produced, with a special emphasis on Fair Trade and work conditions on the Malaysian rubber plantations. GLYDE condoms do not contain nonoxynol-9 spermicide, talc, or chemical based flavorings. The milk derivative present in other condoms is replaced by natural thistle extract in GLYDE condoms. They are compatible with ContraGel spermicide alternative and YES water-based organic lubricants.

    4 sizes available:

    MAXI 190mm Length. 56mm Nominal Width. Maxi Size
    SLIM FIT 170mm Length. 49mm Width. Slim Size
    ULTRA 180mm length. 53mm width. Standard Size.  
    SUPER MAX 200 mm Length. 60 mm width. Super Large Size
  3. Bodycare Sponge - Natural Sea Sponge
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • 100% natural Honeycomb sea sponge. Earthy brown color; never bleached or dyed.
    • Ethically harvested by trained divers.
    • Unique structure of Honeycomb sponge pulls dirt from skin while gently exfoliating.
    • Every sponge is hand selected; only the most luxurious pass our high-quality standards.
    • Generous 11.5cm, just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand.
  4. Cyclotest Monitores para la Planificación Familiar Natural
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Take your daily temperature: your fertile and infertile days are calculated automatically
    • Advanced algorithm tracks & predicts your fertility window
    • Homescreen with your daily fertility status makes understanding your body effortless
    • German design and engineering, certified 2b class medical device
    • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty; Free access to start-up call and support hotline

    Rely on Cyclotest to unlock the secrets of your fertility so you can plan or avoid pregnancy completely naturally.

    Take your temperature under your tongue every morning and Cyclotest automatically displays your current fertility status. PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you're now officially in the driver’s seat.

    Cyclotest fertility monitors are fueled by over 30 years of accumulated research and development by the top Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness experts in Germany.

    Tight Budget? No Problem. Get the same high-level accuracy and error-proof integrated thermometer with the basic Cyclotest 2 Plus fertility monitor.

  5. Yes Lubricantes Orgánicos y Veganos a Base de Agua y a Base de Aceite
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Water-Based formula serves a dual purpose of moisturizer and lubricant. Contains soothing aloe vera. Vegan.
    • Oil-Based formula provides a luxurious firm glide, ideal for intimate and body massage. With almond, oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. Vegan
    • Yes Baby gives you the freedom to indulge while you are trying to conceive. Most lubricants harm sperm mobility and alter vaginal PH. Yes Baby matches and supports an optimal sperm friendly environment

    Indulgent and transformational lubricants designed for women, by women. Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients and certified organic by the Soil Association. Provides long lasting and realistic moisture without any chemical residue.

    *Yes Water-based is now recommended by the NHS in the UK for pelvic recovery use.

  6. FemmyCycle New Packaging
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Three tailored sizes ensures a perfect fit for everyone
    • Smarter design resulting in larger capacity, even with a low cervix
    • Minimal ridges and holes for easier cleaning
    • Medical grade silicone free of dyes or chemicals
    • Vegan friendly

    Replace toxic tampons with a body-friendly and green solution for your menstrual care needs. The FemmyCycle menstrual cup features a unique 'No-Spill' design to make insertion and removal totally secure, so you feel fresh and protected all day long. This high capacity cup is perfect for heavy flow or overnight use.

  7. Compra FemCap Capuchón Cervical Anticonceptivo en RDO Medical
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Silicone dome securely caps the cervix; brim holds contraceptive gel in place
    • Choose from 3 easy to determine sizes
    • Unlike a condom, does not interrupt skin-to-skin intimacy
    • FDA and Health Canada approved; EU / CE 0470 Certified
    • Made in the USA

    Release yourself from the endless side effects and long term health risks of hormonal birth control. Say goodbye to mood-killing condoms.

    FemCap is a small and easily inserted cervical cap constructed from strong, medical- grade, hypoallergenic silicone. The dome of the cap together with contraceptive gel, lightly suctions to the cervix, making it impossible for sperm to enter.

  8. Caya Diafragma Contorneado de Tamaño Único
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Single-size design fits wide range of women
    • Advanced design for ease for use and ultimate comfort
    • Safe, reliable, and hormone-free
    • Suitable for 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms users
    • FDA and Health Canada approved, EU / CE 0470 Certified

    The classic barrier contraceptive just got a makeover! A new, more modern diaphragm with advanced design features to make correct placement easy and removal comfortable. The Caya's one size technology reduces the need for refitting.

  9. ContraGel - Alternativa Natural al Espermicida - Tubo 60g
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • For use with cervical caps, diaphragms, FemCap and Caya
    • Nonoxynol-9 free,
    • Minimizes risk of irritation and infection often associated with barrier contraceptive use
    • Vegan, dairy free, gluten free, not tested on animals
    • Class IIa Medical Device, CE Approved, Made in Europe

    Don't let chemical laden nonoxynol-9 spermicide hinder your goal of all natural contraception. All diaphragms and cervical caps must be used with a contraceptive gel— choose ContraGel instead of N-9 based spermicide to avoid abrasive chemicals and skin irritation.

    ContraGel is available without a prescription. Large 60ml tube provides more applications than leading typical spermicide brands.

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    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Results up to 4 days before your period
    • Confirms pregnancy at very low concentrations of hCG
    • Sensitive to 10 I/UL
    • Easy to read results
    • Virtually 100% accurate

    When you are waiting to find out if you are pregnant, every day that passes can feel like a million years. This is the only early pregnancy test that works up to a full 4 days before your period is expected! Results are easy to read: two lines if you are pregnant, one line if you are not.

  11. Cyclotest Prueba de Hormona HL (Paquete de 9 Pruebas)
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Detects LH Hormone, a clear indicator that ovulation is about to occur
    • 99% accurate
    • Durable, hygienic plastic holder
    • Results display within seconds
    • 9 tests pack ensures you have enough sticks and you won't miss your ovulation date

    Increase your chancing of getting pregnant with Cyclotest LH test. The LH hormone surges right before ovulation, so a positive results tells you exactly when you are most fertile. Can also be used as part of a natural contraceptive plan.

    False negative tests can lead to disastrous results, Cyclotest LH tests are the highest quality test you can buy.

  12. Cyclotest Lady - Flexi
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Optimized for BBT readings
    • Accurate to the 100th degree
    • Flexible tip is comfortable for oral, vaginal, or rectal measurements
    • Low battery indicator so you always know your temperatures are accurate
    • Last temperature is saved so you can transfer temperatures later in the day

    When your contraceptive decisions are based on your daily temperature readings, your number one priority is getting totally accurate results.

    You can trust in the 30-year tradition of superior quality Cyclotest thermometers backed by hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. Cyclotest Lady features flexible tip for accurate placement, low battery warning so you won't get false measurements, and accuracy to the 100th degree.

  13. PreMeno Duo - Óvulos Vaginales Hidratantes para Menopausia, Infecciones Fúngicas y Sequedad Vaginal
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Restores moisture levels in the vagina to alleviate pain
    • Coats the vaginal walls with reconditioning properties
    • Helps repair irritated tissue and heal wounds
    • Inhibits the growth of candida
    • Hormone free; may be used after cancer treatments

    Breastfeeding, menopause, and many other medical and life conditions can cause uncomfortable vaginal dryness and irritation. Each ovule provide up to three days of long lasting relief. Premeno Duo ovules are easily inserted with no mess or sticky residue.

  14. Diafragmas Milex Omniflex - El Anticonceptivo de Barerra Reutilizable
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Flexible rim can be folded in any direction for super comfortable insertion
    • Wide-Seal provides increased suction for added protection
    • Broad rim with lip keeps contraceptive gel in place
    • Highly durable silicon, latex free
    • Sizing compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing

    Milex silicone diaphragm with Omniflex spring mechanism. The Omniflex spring is highly flexible for easy insertion. Available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm & 90mm. Size must be determined by your Doctor or a trained healthcare professional.

  15. Gygel - The NHS Recommended Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • NHS approved for use without a prescription
    • Nonoxynol-9 (N-9) based; hormone-free
    • Instantly reversible contraception
    • Must be used with a barrier contraceptive
    • New larger 81ml tube

    Top ranked spermicide for use with diaphragms or cervical caps. This Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide Gel is NHS approved for use without prescription. Large 81ml tube. For a natural alternative to Gygel, try ContraGel, the natural spermicide alternative.

  16. Milex Arcing Vaginal Diaphragms - For Reusable Birth Control - ENGLISH Version
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Arching style diaphragm is tension adjusted and folds across on two hinged axes
    • Wide-Seal provides increased suction for added protection
    • Broad rim with lip keeps contraceptive gel in place
    • Highly durable silicon, latex free
    • Sizing compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing

    Milex silicone diaphragm with an arcing hinge mechanism. These diaphragms can be compressed across two axes for insertion. Available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, & 90mm. Correct size must be determined by your doctor or a trained health care professional.

  17. Cyclotest Prueba Casera Femenina para detectar Infección por Clamidia
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Zero hassle test
    • Results in minutes at home
    • 98.3% accurate
    • Avoid delay when trying to conceive by knowing in advance if you have Chlamydia
    • For women only; not effective for male testing

    Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs and can lead to serious fertility problems. Yet is is also one of the hardest STDs to detect because it presents no surface symptoms.

    This Cyclotest Chlamydia test is one of the only genuine home testing kits that allows start-to-finish results in the privacy of your own home. No need to mail samples to a lab, results are displayed within minutes!

  18. Dilatadores Vaginales - Conjunto de Dilatadores Vaginales de Silicona de Tamaños Graduales
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Ideal for pelvic floor exercises and for medical conditions
    • Perineal scaring and pain - common after childbirth
    • Vaginismus - unintended constricting of vaginal muscles
    • Vagina Agenesis - underdeveloped vaginal canal
    • Weakening of vagina due to pelvic radiotherapy

    Desperate for a treatment that will stop your vaginal pain and allow you to have pleasurable sexual intercourse? Dilators can help restore the vagina after perineal tears, radiotherapy, pelvic surgery, or to combat conditions which can affect the structure of the vagina.

    This set of premium 'warm silicon' dilators retain your body heat ensuring a comfortable and safe experience, and are the perfect balance of rigidness and flexibility for optimal ease of use.

  19. Natracare Toallitas Íntimas Orgánicas de Algodón (Pack de 12)
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Eco-Friendly biodegradable wipes
    • Made from the highest quality organic cotton
    • Durable yet soft
    • No synthetic preservatives, parabens, or chlorine
    • Perfect for cleaning diaphragms, FemCap, menstrual cups, or toys

    These soft cleansing wipes are designed for daily intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation and as an extra convenience when traveling. They are infused with the certified organic essential oils of chamomile, calendula and French rose as well other natural plant extracts.

  20. Menstrual Accessories
    Price (Inc. VAT):

      Accessories for complete period care.

      Choose your menstrual cup or sponge's travel companion:

      Natural Intimacy Hemp Bag: Specially designed all-natural and 100% plastic-free bags to carry any size of cup. Fits 2 x Large or 3 x Medium Natural Intimacy Intimate Sponges.

      Natural Intimacy Blue Canvas Bag: Specially designed extra strong canvas bags made with hard-wearing cotton. Dark blue colour is effective at camouflaging blood stains. Fits any size of cup or a couple of menstrual sponges.

      FemmyCycle Breathable Bag: Specially designed breathable fabric bag for FemmyCycle

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